66. List of The Oldest Museum in the World & What to Expect Inside

oldest museum in the world

A museum is one of the best places to visit for those who want to learn something new. By coming to the museum, people can see art, historical objects and learn more about history. It is interesting and unique, especially if you visit the oldest museum in the world.

Old museums don’t only display historical objects but also offers unique designs of buildings. Some of the oldest museums are even made hundreds and thousands of years ago. So, if you are interested, check out the oldest museum in the world:

1. Capitoline Museum

If you are planning to go to Italy, then make sure to visit the Capitoline Museum that is in Rome. This museum was first built in 1471 which collected prehistoric bronze pieces from over decades. However, at first, this museum was not opened for the public until 1734 to today. And now, visitors can see collections of coins, arts, and jewels from the past times. Not only that, but they can also observe the unique and antique design of the museum itself.

2. Vatican Museum

The second museum on the list is the Vatican Museum that was established in 1506. There are a total of 70,000 works of art inside the museum that comes from Roman Catholic churches from around the Vatican. So, this museum shows the historical path of the city until today.

3. Kunstkamera Museum

Russia is a country that is famous for its beautiful places and scenery. However, when you come here don’t forget to visit one of the famous and old museums, the Kunstkamera museum. This museum was built by Peter de Great in 1727. However, not like other museums, this is an anthropology and Ethnography museum.

So, when you come inside don’t expect to see historical or statues of the ancient days. On the other hand, you will see collections of defects fetal that are in bottles. Or some cruel tools like electrical seats full of nails to torture people. So, make sure to be brave when you visit this museum.

4. British Museum

The British Museum is also one of the oldest museums in the world that is in London. Inside, there are more than 8 million objects from all around the world that show how humans developed until today. So, you can say this is one of the biggest and most important museums in the world for human beings.

5. Hermitage Museum

Another old museum in Russia that you can visit is the Hermitage. Located in St. Petersburg, the museum has one of the most significant and important collections of arts in the world. Therefore, inside the building, you will find almost everything from archeological artifacts to new arts. So, this is sure the home of those who love art pieces.

There you go, the list of the oldest museum in the world that you can visit. Each of these museums offers different arts and display for the visitors to observe. Some may be a bit of horror while others give you great information about history in the past. So, make sure to visit all these museums to get a great experience.

Looking For The Best Place To Go Camping In Texas With Family? Here The List!

best place to go camping in texas

School holiday is coming! Now, let’s make a plan for an unforgettable experience. One of the alternative activities you probably love is camping. Feeling the fresh air, being closer with nature, and building intimacy at night with all family members are you will get while camping. Texas could be your destination option. This place offers you many experiences. We are here having the loss of the best place to go camping in Texas, just in case you are looking for references.

Before you enjoy nature, make sure all preparation is done well. Because camping with the kids is different from taking by yourself only or by the other adults. The kids, especially toddlers, have special treatments to be with, for example, their food, hygiene, clothes, and many more. But, while you are remembering what to bring, you can also think the best place to go camping in Texas at the same time, here are our recommendations:

1. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Every kid loves dinosaurs. Create an exciting holiday by taking them to the Dinosaur Valley State Park. You can choose two models of camping style which are the primitive one or full of electricity. You are not only being united with nature but also there are a lot of fun activities, such as hiking the dino tracks. 

2. Ins Lake State Park

This spot is the most favorite place for some people, especially in the summer. The feel is so fresh and cool. You can rent a kayak, canoe, and paddleboats, more than that, you can ask your kids to swim, hike, bike, until fish. There are The Devils Watering Hole and the falls which save for all ages. So, there is no perfect place to camp than this.

3. Buescher State Park

If you have a lot of families member, then Buescher State Park is the right place for this big family. You can rent the pavilion or the tents to camp around it. The camping loop is small, so you don’t have to worry when the kids are exploring around. They are still on your sight. Just like the other parks, this one also has a canoe, kayak, and fish spot. Your family reunion will be an unforgettable moment here.

4. Meriden State Park

Be the real united with nature here. Because the most beautiful view will be around you. You can hear the birds are singing in this park, while you are enjoying seeing the rare golden-cheeked warbler at the same time. The Bosque Hiking Trail is the thing you must try if you want to have the real camping experience in Meriden State Park.

5. Balmorhea State Park

This park is located in the west of Texas. The main attraction here is the spring-fed pool. You can do more than swimming, you are able to dive, scuba, or just snorkel. Balmorhea State Park is a great place to explore nature and take your kids to feel a little bit breathtaking experience.

The best place to go camping in Texas above is great for holiday planning. Remember, make sure your family member’s health, so, all day is a fun day for everyone.

The Family Vacation On A Budget Ideas That You Can Steal!

family vacation on a budget ideas

At this time, traveling to an interesting place is mostly expensive especially when you invite your whole family. When you have a little kid, it will be more expensive no matter where you go. Kids have behavior to ask you some weird stuff and they do not think about the importance. So you should be ready to spend more money on them. But did you know that you can spend less money with the following family vacation on a budget ideas?

Before going to all of this family vacation on a budget ideas we will give you some reasons why. When you going out with your family, first, you will need more charges for accommodations. After that, you should also make sure your whole family eating the right things. You should be stressed out far away before your family vacation is going on. So these are some comfortable places and very cheap for you to visit!

1. Branson, Mo.

If you and your family living in a crowded city, you should be searching for a peaceful place. This could be one of the highest recommendations for you to visit where you do not need to think about the price. However, Branson offers you some arena to enjoy with only a single ticket. You can enjoy the popular Silver Dollar City or just seeing four different theme parks. Above all, you can also get the best deal where you can get 1 ticket for buying 2.

2. Lake Tahoe, Calif

Another family vacation on a budget ideas for you is visiting Lake Tahoe. People usually know this place as the town of the attractions. Besides, you can also enjoy awesome teal-blue water on this lake. The best thing about this place is there is no entrance ticket on its beach. You can bring your family to enjoy how humans creating a great landscape next to natural beauty.

3. Las Vegas

The first rule on there is you should avoid some casinos and high-end retail stores or you will lose a lot of money. Visit some unique offers in this city like enjoy the Circus Circus with only less than $75 per night. When you all feel boring, just take your bag and try hiking at nearby Red Rock Canyon for only $20. Some free places to visit there are such a Silverton Aquarium, Chocolate Factory, and Bellagio Fountains.

4. Outer Banks, N. C.

The main reason why people keep going to Outer Banks is that they can find an awesome panorama. You can see the barrier holding up along the seaside of North California here. However, you can enjoy driving along the highway and visiting some interesting places here like Cape Hatteras and Carova Beach. The entrance ticket for Cape Hatteras is pretty cheap, only $8 for adults and $4 for kids. Also, it is free when you want to visit an awesome Carova Beach.

These are some family vacation on a budget ideas we can give you in this article. It is probably only the small thing we take from many cheap places in this world. But you do not need to be worry because all of these are the best in its type. Now choose the right time and let’s invite your family to take a vacation together!

7 Best Destinations In Middle East You Should Consider To Visit

best destinations in middle east

The Middle East is a region politically and culturally in Asia or Africa-Eurasia. There are several countries that are included in the Middle East region such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many more. Of course, each country has its own uniqueness and natural beauty to attract tourists. The following are some of the best destinations in Middle East.

1. Lake Maharloo

This lake is in the highlands of the Shiraz region, Iran. Lake Maharloo has a beauty that lies in the pink color of the water. Not only that, lake water has a high salt and potassium content. The content is what causes Maharloo lake to have a pink color. In addition, there are many species of birds that migrate to this lake to be used as a temporary shelter.

2. Bandar Jissah Beach

One of the best destinations in Middle East is Bandar Jissah Beach. Bandar Jissah is a coastal city in northeast Oman. In addition, the surrounding community said the name of the beach, according to its location in the city of Bandar Jissah. Therefore the blue water and white sand of the beach become an attraction for tourists to just swim, snorkel and stay in accommodation that stands on the beach.

3. Wadi Mujib River

Wadi Mujib is one of the spectacular tourist attractions in Jordan. This place is the target of tourists after visiting Petra. There are several activities that can do on this river such as climbing, swimming, and down the river with epic views. According to a story that develops mention that the Prophet Musa had walked through this Wadi Mujib river.

4. White Sand Desert

This place is in the city of Farafra, Egypt which has a desert with white sand. Sahara el Beyda is another name for this dessert which when setting foot in this desert is like being on another planet. In addition to the white color of the sand, here are also large chunks of limestone, which are the main source of white desert sand.

5. Ain Heet Cave

Ain Heet Cave is one of the best destinations in Middle East. This Guan is in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which is easy to reach and has unusual views. In addition, the Ain Heet cave visitors can go through the cave by looking at the beauty of the stalactic and stalagmite and swim in the lake.

6. Zagros Mountains

These mountains stretch from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. In this place, there are the oldest rocks in the world, according to research dating from the Precambrian era. Therefore the existence of the Zagros mountains acted naturally as a barrier between some cultures and the empire. There are several species of rare plants and animals that you can find in this Zagros captivity.

7. Arabian Desert

One of the best destinations in Middle East which is the widest in West Asia is the Arabian Desert. The Arabian Desert contains Rub’al Khali, one of the largest sand bodies in the world. In this desert, we can also find many palm trees that are abundant. Qurma is used as a food supply, both for people and fauna that live around the desert.

That’s 7 best destinations in Middle East that must be visited. The Middle East region is so vast that you won’t be able to visit it for just one day. Therefore, prepare costs, stamina, and equipment for a good vacation.

What To Do In Frisian Island That Makes People Love the Island

What to do in frisian island

Frisian Island is a unique island which is in Europe, in 3 countries. The island forms an archipelago, stretching from the Netherlands and to Denmark. They are divided into three areas, however, the biggest and most popular one is in The Netherlands. Because of this unique location, Frisian Island forms a region that consists of mudflat, sand flats, and gullies. So, you can imagine how different this island is compared to other islands in Europe. As for the activities, what to do in Frisian Island that you can do?

Well, it won’t take long for tourists to fall in love with the island because it has so many to offer. People can come and see the incredible and unique nature that will not be available on other islands. You can even experience the untouched landscape while you explore the island. So, what to do in Frisian Island that will make you fall in love with it?

1. Explore the Island

As informed before, there are many places on the island that are untouched and never been seen by people. So, one of the activities you can do on this island is to go explore the island by riding your bike. However, make sure to have a friend when you ride around. And don’t ruin any local nature around you. 

2. Visiting Bunker Museum

Coming to this museum, visitors can come and see bunkers that were used by the military in WWII. People can also see the small exhibition that shows the equipment used for WWII. Some of the equipment showed in the exhibition is helmets, glass bottles and even the bullets they use. To help you learn more about history, you can ask for a tour guide to guide you around.

3. Going to Aquarium

What to do in Frisian Island that can make people fall in love with the island is seeing fish creatures. Just around the Nes Village, there is an aquarium that contains many sea spices from the sea of Frisian Island. Some of the sea creatures’ people can see is manta rays, barracuda and big eels. 

4. Go Beach Walking & Mudflat Walking

Not far from the aquarium, people can also view the shores from an observation tower or take a walk in the Nesserbos Forest. They also provide tours for people to go on mudflat walking which is quite famous in Frisian Island. Then relax with a beach walk while seeing the sunset.

5. Private Tour Around the Island

The island is quite wide; therefore, people can get lost if they explore it themselves. Go on a private tour to see the hidden games on each island. Usually, private tours will explore not only one country, but at least two countries, to show the visitors the different in each place. If you plan to join a private tour, make sure you arrange your time of the holiday.

The beauty in Frisian Island may not last forever, so it is worth to see every part of it. If you plan to come, make sure to list what to do in Frisian Island so you don’t miss anything. However, remember that the distance to Frisian Island from the big cities are quite far. So, make sure you are also ready for a long trip to the island.

The Siberian Standoff Microgaming Online Slot

The notoriety of online slots makes no sense. Some truly energizing slot machines accumulate dust, while average ones may draw high traffic. One incredible game that has not been given full equity is Tiger versus Bear Siberian Standoff. It was discharged on the Microgaming moment play stage more than five years prior. You can play it at online club like All Slots, Platinum Play and Spin Palace.

Siberian Standoff is a 25 selectable paylines slot online uang asli game in the standard 5×3 organization. The reels are set in a foundation of a Siberian winter scene. The primary images are the tiger and the bear, the candidates in the standoff. The other lucrative topical images are leaf and the snowflake. The low paying images are the playing card symbols from nine to ace created in ice. The Wild logo is the wild image with a 2x multiplier property. The image is fair to the two warriors since it has a tiger’s paw on one side and a bear’s paw on the other. The Tiger versus Bear logo is the disperse image. It wards payouts increased by the complete wager when at least two dissipate images show up on the reels in a similar turn.

The feature of this Microgaming video slot is the Siberian Battle include. It is activated when the tiger shows up in reel 1 and the bear shows up in reel 5 in a similar turn, or when the bear shows up in reel 1 and the tiger in reel 5. You initially need to choose one from the tiger or the bear. On the off chance that you have picked the tiger, at that point you will play the Tiger Feature, which comprises of free twists. On the off chance that you have picked the bear, at that point you will play the Bear Claw Feature, which is a reward game on the subsequent screen. The bear and the tiger at that point take part in an arm wrestling challenge on the screen. On the off chance that your picked hopeful successes, at that point the payout capability of the component is improved.

The Tiger Feature offers four free twists if the tiger has lost and eight free twists if the tiger has won the Siberian standoff. During the free twists the tiger paw can arbitrarily swipe through any reel transforming all the images in it into wilds. In the Bear Claw include various bear hooks are shown on the subsequent screen. The player needs to continue choosing paws and winning extra credits till a gather image is shown. On the off chance that the bear had won the arm wrestling challenge, at that point the extra credits gathered will be multiplied.

What To Do In Ulaanbaatar During Holiday

what to do in ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is located in Mongolia and it is also the capital city of the country. Even though it is the capital city and also the biggest city in the country, but there are a lot of traditional and aunt ethic things. Tourist could enjoy many activities starting from nature ones until traditional ones. There are many interesting and attractive things about what to do in Ulaanbaatar during the holiday.

Even though Ulaanbaatar is the capital city, visitors should shift a little towards the district to enjoy the different experience. The city is located in the center of the country, so visitors could easily reach the town. Visitors could use trains, travel, and even planes. Moreover, they could even reach the town directly from China, Russia, and other countries. To spend the best time here, here are the top things on what to in Ulaanbaatar during the holiday.

1. Join a Cooking Class

Joining a cooking class might look like a cheesy thing to do during the holiday, but not here. People would get a different cooking experience here in Ulaanbaatar. Rather than cooking in a modern kitchen, people would experience cooking in the traditional Mongolia house. People would be taught the local people by cooking delicious local foods. Starting from Mongolia dumplings, homemade Mongolian noddle soup, and others. The ingredients are all fresh from nature.

2. Join a Semi-Gobi Tour

The next exciting this on what to do in Ulaanbaatar is joining a semi-Gobi tour. The tour would likely to take one day full. People would reach the desert by driving by car. Usually, the tour would also provide a local lunch meal. Moreover, visitors would able to ride a horse and even camel through the sand. Almost, they would able to learn the culture directly from the local families. The more people of the group, the cheaper the price would be.

3. Have a Beautiful Day – Night at the Gobi

Mongolia has one of the best nature on earth, which is the Gobi Desert. People would not be able to drive by themselves towards here. So, visitors must join a tour that would take at least four days. The tour would take the visitors by plane to discover the desert. Moreover, visitors would also ride several types of camels across the desert. They would also be able to visit many historical and natural places.

4. Enjoy the Scenery at the Hustai National Park

Another thing about what to do in Ulaanbaatar is to visit and enjoy the Hustai National Park. The park is green and cool to spend time with. There are many wild animals here that people could watch them living in the natural habitat. There are also some camps that people could rest here.

5. Visit the Khaan Palace Museum

After spending the most time in outdoor nature, people should also visit the Khaan Palace Museum. Visitors could explore amazing traditional things from Mongolia and enjoy the breeze outside. However, visitors are not able to take pictures inside the museum.

There are many places and activities on what to do in Ulaanbaatar. Especially on the nature destinations and its culture. Mongolia is best for those, so do not miss those great experiences.

Top Reasons To Visit Peru – Why Is It Interesting?

top reasons to visit peru

South America is a region in America that is known for having many beautiful countries. From all the countries in South America, Peru is one of the countries that stand out the most. Peru is a country that is full of beautiful places and is a great place for people who love adventures. The places there are just natural and making people safe and one with nature. There are many top reasons to visit Peru and one of them is because of the many beautiful nature there.

Overall, Peru offers both modern and traditional facilities in its countries. Many places in Peru are modern and facilitated by humans’ needs. However, Peru also holds on to most of their tradition, so it’s interesting how they combine these two. This is another reason why many people come to Peru, to see the traditional side of the country. So, what are the other top reasons to visit Peru that people usually consider?

1. Ancient Ruins & Culture

For those who want to learn more about history in Peru can visit their ancient Ruins. Visitors can find the ruins in museums, villages or even when you go hiking. Yes, Peru has many ruins around the country making it have a lot of history around it. So, you can imagine the cultural influences there was in Peru by seeing the number of ruins in the country. 

2. Traditional & Friendly People

Going on a holiday to a country where the people are friendly will sure become a plus. The people in Peru are known as very friendly and helpful with the tourists. The people in Peru are also known traditions, so it is interesting to observe and see what they do. One of the interesting things to see from them is the way they make their colorful fabrics. They are unique and beautiful and can be made for souvenirs.

3. Natural Diversity

Peru has 28 individual climates making diverse ecosystems in the country. In Peru, you can see many kinds of nature and animals at different times of the year. In the Andes, people can go sandboard on the Oasis that is available in most times of the year. On the other hand, people can also see penguins at the Ballestas Island which is not far away from the island.

4. Best Cuisine

One of the top reasons to visit Peru is because they have one of the best Cuisine. Well, this is true because they hold a variety of ethnicities & climates making it quite interesting to see when you go across the country. Other than that, the foods on the cuisine are the best, so make sure to try them too.

5. Beautiful Beaches

Like other South American countries, Peru has many beautiful countries that you must visit. It is not only the place to sunbathe, but people can also go surfing. Some beaches also hold parties on certain nights of the week, so this will make your holiday complete.

So, there are the top reasons to visit Peru that people must know why people choose Peru. Not only will people see beautiful places but also traditional culture. Peru offers something different that other countries don’t have, therefore it is worth to visit.

Best Places To Visit in Wellington For Your Trip

places to visit in wellington

New Zealand has many charms that draw people there. Especially Wellington, the capital. The city has a unique character – just like the other part of this country.  This city is also the background of the hobbit movie shooting spot.  Several corners of the city attract the attention of visitors.  Discover the 5 places to visit in Wellington, namely:

1. Terminal Lambton Quay, Wellington.

In this place, you can ride the cable car which is very famous in Wellington.  You can see the beauty of the city of Wellington from this cable car.  Although riding the cable car is quite tense, especially for those of you who are afraid of heights.  The fear will soon disappear when he sees the beauty of the city.

Seeing the countryside where the hobbits can be shot can be seen more clearly in this cable car. The birth of the hobbit movie In this city became a tourist attraction in Wellington.

2. Queens Wharf

The city in Wellington is the city closest to the sea in wellington.  You can visit it and play around on the white sand beach, the beach with natural beauty always makes it interesting and soon to come again to visit.

Wellington is famous for its sizable winds.  Suitable to be used as a background of shooting with wind gusts, which will produce more dramatic photos.  Especially if you come to this place and make it a place for rotation, of course, you will get good photos and high artistic value.  Because the wind gusts and the natural white sand of the beach are a perfect and natural blend.

3. Matiu Island

Matiu Island is one of 5 places to visit in Wellington. In order to explore this island, you can use a ferry from Queens Maryland. And Voila! You can see the port of Wellington with its natural beauty.

Don’t forget to capture every corner of Matiu Island.  Therefore, you must bring a camera in order to capture the natural beauty of this island. By capturing through the camera, your memories of having come to this island are easy to recall.

4. St. Paul’s Old Church

If you come to Wellington, you must visit this church.  Not only as a place of worship, but this building also has high artistic value.  Therefore, some important people hold a wedding in this place.  Because of high artistic value, so taking pictures in this church will produce artistic photos. Therefore this church is one of the places to visit in Wellington.

Because of their high artistic value, many filmmakers organize shooting in this place.  Ranging from horror genre films or romantic dramas.  Thus, this church is one of the tourist attractions of visitors who come to Wellington.

5. Te Papa Museum

This museum is very famous in Wellington as one of the places to visit in Wellington.  This museum is very famous in Wellington.  Many come to visit, just to come to this museum.

This museum has a gallery with a high artistic value from several indigenous Wellington tribes, and there is a history of the Maori tribe which is the forerunner to the Wellington tribe.

Those are some places in Wellington.  If you come to Wellington, you must visit a very famous place.  Thus, some of the places above can be used as references as places to visit in Wellington.

Where To Go In Istanbul For Culinary Trip

Where to go in istanbul

Talking about Istanbul, people would often talk about tourist destinations and shopping places. However, the culinary list of Istanbul is also a big hit. The Turkish meals are not only delicious but it is also unique. The seasoning and herbs would directly taste the tongue and comfort the tummy. Starting from street food, cafes and even restaurants. There are many destinations where to go in Istanbul for delicious culinary.

Most of the food porn in Istanbul is informal. People would wait in the queue line to order and buy the food. After that people could watch the cooking and preparation. Once the food is ready, people could eat the food directly eat it, without any utensils most of the time. But that what makes it a great culinary experience and its tasty food. Here are some destinations on where to go in Istanbul for culinary.

1. Lades Menemen near Istiklal Avenue

The first place to stop is near Istiklal Avenue. People should come during the morning to enjoy delicious menemen for breakfast. It is a soupy plate that is filled with scrambled eggs. Other ingredients are tomatoes, green bell peppers, and olive oil. As an addition, people could add meat or Turkish sausage or known as sucuklu yumurta to the dish. A plate of Menemen here would cost about 8TL. Not expensive yet tasty and full.

2. Simit Sarayi

The second place where to go in Istanbul for culinary is Simit Sarayi. It is where people could a limit, which is Turkish bagel bread. People could enjoy a piece of Simit for breakfast or for snacks as well. The outlets are in many corners in the town, even at the Istanbul airport. As for the price, one plain simit would cost about 1,5TL. For simits with tasty toppings would cost a little bit more expensive.

3. Hoca Pasa Pidecisi near Tokpapi Palace

After visiting the Tokpapi Palace, visitors then should stop by at Hoca Pasa Pidecisi. One of the best traditional food to try is pide. It is a Turkish dish that looks like a pizza but it is not. It is a folded flatbread with cheese goat milk. The cheese would melt cheesy in the mouth. Moreover, there are many delicious toppings, starting vegetables, spices, and meats.

4. Sehzade Cag Kebap

Still in the Tokpapi Palace, the next place where to go in Istanbul is Sehzade Vag Kebap. It is also a Turkish restaurant that serves traditional foods, which a popular one is Cag Kebab. Cag kebab is different from doner kebab. This food is horizontally stacked from lamb’s meat. Moreover, the final serving are also with flatbread, Turkish spices, and on a smaller skewer.

5. Kral Kokorec

Kral Kokorec is the restaurant that people must visit. It serves one of the best kokorec dishes. The dish is fill with slowly grilled lungs, hearts, or kidneys with meat. Not forget to mention the local spices. As the finishing, there are also chili flakes and pita bread.

Besides the local destinations on where to go in Istanbul, people must not forget the culinary as well. There are many delicious places for people to visit. Do not forget the tasting in Turkish might be more spicy than other places.