7 Best Destinations In Middle East You Should Consider To Visit

best destinations in middle east

The Middle East is a region politically and culturally in Asia or Africa-Eurasia. There are several countries that are included in the Middle East region such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many more. Of course, each country has its own uniqueness and natural beauty to attract tourists. The following are some of the best destinations in Middle East.

1. Lake Maharloo

This lake is in the highlands of the Shiraz region, Iran. Lake Maharloo has a beauty that lies in the pink color of the water. Not only that, lake water has a high salt and potassium content. The content is what causes Maharloo lake to have a pink color. In addition, there are many species of birds that migrate to this lake to be used as a temporary shelter.

2. Bandar Jissah Beach

One of the best destinations in Middle East is Bandar Jissah Beach. Bandar Jissah is a coastal city in northeast Oman. In addition, the surrounding community said the name of the beach, according to its location in the city of Bandar Jissah. Therefore the blue water and white sand of the beach become an attraction for tourists to just swim, snorkel and stay in accommodation that stands on the beach.

3. Wadi Mujib River

Wadi Mujib is one of the spectacular tourist attractions in Jordan. This place is the target of tourists after visiting Petra. There are several activities that can do on this river such as climbing, swimming, and down the river with epic views. According to a story that develops mention that the Prophet Musa had walked through this Wadi Mujib river.

4. White Sand Desert

This place is in the city of Farafra, Egypt which has a desert with white sand. Sahara el Beyda is another name for this dessert which when setting foot in this desert is like being on another planet. In addition to the white color of the sand, here are also large chunks of limestone, which are the main source of white desert sand.

5. Ain Heet Cave

Ain Heet Cave is one of the best destinations in Middle East. This Guan is in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which is easy to reach and has unusual views. In addition, the Ain Heet cave visitors can go through the cave by looking at the beauty of the stalactic and stalagmite and swim in the lake.

6. Zagros Mountains

These mountains stretch from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. In this place, there are the oldest rocks in the world, according to research dating from the Precambrian era. Therefore the existence of the Zagros mountains acted naturally as a barrier between some cultures and the empire. There are several species of rare plants and animals that you can find in this Zagros captivity.

7. Arabian Desert

One of the best destinations in Middle East which is the widest in West Asia is the Arabian Desert. The Arabian Desert contains Rub’al Khali, one of the largest sand bodies in the world. In this desert, we can also find many palm trees that are abundant. Qurma is used as a food supply, both for people and fauna that live around the desert.

That’s 7 best destinations in Middle East that must be visited. The Middle East region is so vast that you won’t be able to visit it for just one day. Therefore, prepare costs, stamina, and equipment for a good vacation.