Best Places To Visit in Wellington For Your Trip

places to visit in wellington

New Zealand has many charms that draw people there. Especially Wellington, the capital. The city has a unique character – just like the other part of this country.  This city is also the background of the hobbit movie shooting spot.  Several corners of the city attract the attention of visitors.  Discover the 5 places to visit in Wellington, namely:

1. Terminal Lambton Quay, Wellington.

In this place, you can ride the cable car which is very famous in Wellington.  You can see the beauty of the city of Wellington from this cable car.  Although riding the cable car is quite tense, especially for those of you who are afraid of heights.  The fear will soon disappear when he sees the beauty of the city.

Seeing the countryside where the hobbits can be shot can be seen more clearly in this cable car. The birth of the hobbit movie In this city became a tourist attraction in Wellington.

2. Queens Wharf

The city in Wellington is the city closest to the sea in wellington.  You can visit it and play around on the white sand beach, the beach with natural beauty always makes it interesting and soon to come again to visit.

Wellington is famous for its sizable winds.  Suitable to be used as a background of shooting with wind gusts, which will produce more dramatic photos.  Especially if you come to this place and make it a place for rotation, of course, you will get good photos and high artistic value.  Because the wind gusts and the natural white sand of the beach are a perfect and natural blend.

3. Matiu Island

Matiu Island is one of 5 places to visit in Wellington. In order to explore this island, you can use a ferry from Queens Maryland. And Voila! You can see the port of Wellington with its natural beauty.

Don’t forget to capture every corner of Matiu Island.  Therefore, you must bring a camera in order to capture the natural beauty of this island. By capturing through the camera, your memories of having come to this island are easy to recall.

4. St. Paul’s Old Church

If you come to Wellington, you must visit this church.  Not only as a place of worship, but this building also has high artistic value.  Therefore, some important people hold a wedding in this place.  Because of high artistic value, so taking pictures in this church will produce artistic photos. Therefore this church is one of the places to visit in Wellington.

Because of their high artistic value, many filmmakers organize shooting in this place.  Ranging from horror genre films or romantic dramas.  Thus, this church is one of the tourist attractions of visitors who come to Wellington.

5. Te Papa Museum

This museum is very famous in Wellington as one of the places to visit in Wellington.  This museum is very famous in Wellington.  Many come to visit, just to come to this museum.

This museum has a gallery with a high artistic value from several indigenous Wellington tribes, and there is a history of the Maori tribe which is the forerunner to the Wellington tribe.

Those are some places in Wellington.  If you come to Wellington, you must visit a very famous place.  Thus, some of the places above can be used as references as places to visit in Wellington.