Best Restaurant In Ubud For Lunch During Honeymoon

best restaurant in ubud for lunch

For most people, Bali is a perfect romantic destination to spend. Whether for a honeymoon or also for couple anniversary moments. Moreover, people would often choose Ubud as their final destination in Bali. Couples would not always stay in the villa/hotel all day long during their honeymoon. Sometimes they would like to take a walk or find some delicious meals for lunch. There is plenty of best restaurant in Ubud for lunch that people could choose for honeymoon.

The restaurants do not only serve delicious foods but they also serve a great scenery view for the visitors. Spending time only in the hotel/villa might be sometimes boring. That is why couples would need some recommendations outside their accommodation. Couples would not only have lunch in these restaurants. They could also hang out and spend more time here. So, here is the best restaurant in Ubud for lunch during the honeymoon.

1. Kepitu Restaurant

The first restaurant to have lunch is Kepitu Restaurant. In 2016, this place has reached a certificate winner, the Certificate of Excellence. One of the special things about Kepitu Restaurant is that it mostly serves vegetarian foods with gluten-free foods as well. Not only it is healthy, but the foods here that they serve are delicious and well plated. Moreover, the restaurants have excellent service. Do not forget about the great environment as well from the restaurant.

2. Uname Ubud Restaurant

The next best restaurant in Ubud for lunch is the Uname Ubud Restaurant. Like Kepitu, this restaurant also serves healthy foods as well. However, healthy foods are not just about salads and green vegetables. But they also serve delicious foods which are mostly Asian foods. Do not worry about the prices because the foods are well priced. Not too much to spend for lunch but five stars for the quality and the service.

3. Avocado Warung Ubud

Another good place to spend for having lunch is the Avocado Warung. Like its name, its specialty is about avocado. Most of their menu would use avocado in their ingredients, whether for their food or their beverage. The avocados that they use are high quality, as same as the other ingredients. Serving the best and unique taste for lunch.

4. Seasoned

Another best restaurant in Ubud for lunch is Seasoned. It serves many kinds of foods starting from fusion, Asian, local cuisines, and also vegetarian menus. However, this restaurant is best for its seafood menu. The tastes of the foods here have no doubt of delicious. As for the location, it is near the Sacred Monkey Forest.

5. The Balinese Home Cooking Resto

The next place is Balinese Home Cooking Resto. It is also a great place for couples to have lunch in Ubud. It serves the most traditional menus. However, there are some other menus as well. Not only the food is authentic, but also the nuance and the restaurant’s décor as well.

Looking out for delicious food at noon might be tricky. However, the option of the best restaurant in Ubud for lunch is worth to spend. Starting from the tasty food, various menus, great service, and also the beautiful place.