Looking For The Best Place To Go Camping In Texas With Family? Here The List!

best place to go camping in texas

School holiday is coming! Now, let’s make a plan for an unforgettable experience. One of the alternative activities you probably love is camping. Feeling the fresh air, being closer with nature, and building intimacy at night with all family members are you will get while camping. Texas could be your destination option. This place offers you many experiences. We are here having the loss of the best place to go camping in Texas, just in case you are looking for references.

Before you enjoy nature, make sure all preparation is done well. Because camping with the kids is different from taking by yourself only or by the other adults. The kids, especially toddlers, have special treatments to be with, for example, their food, hygiene, clothes, and many more. But, while you are remembering what to bring, you can also think the best place to go camping in Texas at the same time, here are our recommendations:

1. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Every kid loves dinosaurs. Create an exciting holiday by taking them to the Dinosaur Valley State Park. You can choose two models of camping style which are the primitive one or full of electricity. You are not only being united with nature but also there are a lot of fun activities, such as hiking the dino tracks. 

2. Ins Lake State Park

This spot is the most favorite place for some people, especially in the summer. The feel is so fresh and cool. You can rent a kayak, canoe, and paddleboats, more than that, you can ask your kids to swim, hike, bike, until fish. There are The Devils Watering Hole and the falls which save for all ages. So, there is no perfect place to camp than this.

3. Buescher State Park

If you have a lot of families member, then Buescher State Park is the right place for this big family. You can rent the pavilion or the tents to camp around it. The camping loop is small, so you don’t have to worry when the kids are exploring around. They are still on your sight. Just like the other parks, this one also has a canoe, kayak, and fish spot. Your family reunion will be an unforgettable moment here.

4. Meriden State Park

Be the real united with nature here. Because the most beautiful view will be around you. You can hear the birds are singing in this park, while you are enjoying seeing the rare golden-cheeked warbler at the same time. The Bosque Hiking Trail is the thing you must try if you want to have the real camping experience in Meriden State Park.

5. Balmorhea State Park

This park is located in the west of Texas. The main attraction here is the spring-fed pool. You can do more than swimming, you are able to dive, scuba, or just snorkel. Balmorhea State Park is a great place to explore nature and take your kids to feel a little bit breathtaking experience.

The best place to go camping in Texas above is great for holiday planning. Remember, make sure your family member’s health, so, all day is a fun day for everyone.