Best Restaurant In Ubud For Lunch During Honeymoon

best restaurant in ubud for lunch

For most people, Bali is a perfect romantic destination to spend. Whether for a honeymoon or also for couple anniversary moments. Moreover, people would often choose Ubud as their final destination in Bali. Couples would not always stay in the villa/hotel all day long during their honeymoon. Sometimes they would like to take a walk or find some delicious meals for lunch. There is plenty of best restaurant in Ubud for lunch that people could choose for honeymoon.

The restaurants do not only serve delicious foods but they also serve a great scenery view for the visitors. Spending time only in the hotel/villa might be sometimes boring. That is why couples would need some recommendations outside their accommodation. Couples would not only have lunch in these restaurants. They could also hang out and spend more time here. So, here is the best restaurant in Ubud for lunch during the honeymoon.

1. Kepitu Restaurant

The first restaurant to have lunch is Kepitu Restaurant. In 2016, this place has reached a certificate winner, the Certificate of Excellence. One of the special things about Kepitu Restaurant is that it mostly serves vegetarian foods with gluten-free foods as well. Not only it is healthy, but the foods here that they serve are delicious and well plated. Moreover, the restaurants have excellent service. Do not forget about the great environment as well from the restaurant.

2. Uname Ubud Restaurant

The next best restaurant in Ubud for lunch is the Uname Ubud Restaurant. Like Kepitu, this restaurant also serves healthy foods as well. However, healthy foods are not just about salads and green vegetables. But they also serve delicious foods which are mostly Asian foods. Do not worry about the prices because the foods are well priced. Not too much to spend for lunch but five stars for the quality and the service.

3. Avocado Warung Ubud

Another good place to spend for having lunch is the Avocado Warung. Like its name, its specialty is about avocado. Most of their menu would use avocado in their ingredients, whether for their food or their beverage. The avocados that they use are high quality, as same as the other ingredients. Serving the best and unique taste for lunch.

4. Seasoned

Another best restaurant in Ubud for lunch is Seasoned. It serves many kinds of foods starting from fusion, Asian, local cuisines, and also vegetarian menus. However, this restaurant is best for its seafood menu. The tastes of the foods here have no doubt of delicious. As for the location, it is near the Sacred Monkey Forest.

5. The Balinese Home Cooking Resto

The next place is Balinese Home Cooking Resto. It is also a great place for couples to have lunch in Ubud. It serves the most traditional menus. However, there are some other menus as well. Not only the food is authentic, but also the nuance and the restaurant’s décor as well.

Looking out for delicious food at noon might be tricky. However, the option of the best restaurant in Ubud for lunch is worth to spend. Starting from the tasty food, various menus, great service, and also the beautiful place.

5 Memorable Things To Do In Dusseldorf That You Will Never Forget

things to do in dusseldorf

Germany is one of the popular countries for tourism in the world. There are lots of tourism located in Germany. Have you ever heard about Dusseldorf? If you never heard that, you should visit this place as one of your vacation places. Dusseldorf is one of the elegant city in Germany which has awesome art and world-class shopping place. If you want to get amazing art as your collection, you should visit this city. There are so many things to do in Dusseldorf that will make you always remember this elegant city.

things to do in dusseldorf

Dusseldorf has own attraction for tourist in the world. There are so many tourists who decide to visit this place as their vocational agenda. If you want to find an unforgettable moment during your vocation, you should put this place on your list. These are some unforgettable things that you can do together with your family or soulmate in Dusseldorf.

1. Enjoy the Beauty of the Rhine River

To start your vacation in Dusseldorf, you can start from the Rhine River. Have you known that the Rhine River has a beautiful view of all tourists? You can walk around this river together with your family or soulmate. In this beautiful river, you will find lots of art galleries which offer amazing art for you. On the weekend, you will find walkers and bikers along the rhine river’s way because the car was banned on the weekend. So you can enjoy your quality time with your family or soulmate, right?

2. Visiting Art Museums

If you are an art lover, this will be a perfect place for you. If you still confused about things to do in Dusseldorf, you can put art museums on your destination list. Have you known about Gerhard Richter before? This is the home of the art academy like him. You will find lots of the world-class art in the Dusseldorf that will make you hands up.

3. Enjoy the Festivals

Are you the one who loves festivals? You should visit this city as your vocational. There are so many festivals in the Dusseldorf every year. One of the most popular festivals is Dusseldorfel Karneval. If you visit this city at the end of winter, you also will find lots of music, costumes along the way. Another massive festival will be held in July as the largest festival on the Rhine River. So you never forget your vocational in here, right?

4. See Amazing Classic Car at Classic Remise Dusseldorf

As you know that Dusseldorf is one of the elegant city which have amazing art. Besides the amazing art gallery, you also will find lots of classic cars at Classic Remise Dusseldorf. You can see lots of classic Mercedes, BMW, and many other classic cars. If you have a classic car, you probably found your car there, right? It is one of the memorable things to do in Dusseldorf.

5. Shopping at the Carlsplatz Market

As a tourist, you should bring something back home, right? This is the right place for you to get a souvenir or local snacks. This market also near to the old city which easies to access. If you want to by in large quantities, this market also provides for grocery buyers. There are many kinds of snacks like potatoes, bread and other local snacks here.

Those are all memorable things to do in Dusseldorf that will make your vocation will be awesome. But one important thing that you always to remember is always to pay attention to your valuable stuff. You probably will find undesirable things in a crowded place like Dusseldorf.

What To Do In Yogyakarta At Night Time For Holiday

what to do in yogyakarta at night

Yogyakarta is one of the best cities in Indonesia to go during the holiday, whether for local or international tourists. Spending time in the city during the daytime is great. However, spending time in Yogyakarta at night time is the best. Not only that the city gives a romantic nuance, but also it gives a memorial nuance as well. Moreover, there are many things about what to do in Yogyakarta at night time.

what to do in yogyakarta at night

Access to Yogyakarta is also easy. People could reach the city by using trains, planes and even by car. However, using a car is not suggested in the city because the streets are small. A driving motorcycle is the best with feeling the cool air of the city. To know more activities about what to do in Yogyakarta at night, here are some list of activities.

1. Talk a Walk in Sindu Kusuma Edupark

The first thing to do in Yogyakarta is to spend time and take a walk in Sindu Kusuma Edupark. There is a Ferris Wheel that people ride. Moreover, there are also many kinds of monuments and displayed items that people could enjoy. This place is romantic for couples to enjoy and spend time with. To complete the scenery here, there are beautiful flickering lights equipped.

2. Hangout at the Pengger Pine Forest

The second thing on what to do in Yogyakarta at night is to hang out at the Pengger Pine Forest. The location is in the hills of Yogyakarta, so this place offers great scenery of the city. Not only that people could enjoy a peaceful quiet night here, but they could also get some Instagrammable pictures here. There are many great spots that people could take photos and selfies.

3. Taking Picture in the Rainbow Lantern Park

Taking pictures and photos during a vacation is a must. Not only to memorize the moments but also that people could upload it on social media. One of the great night destinations here is the Rainbow Lantern Park. In this place, it is fulfilled with beautiful lanterns. Starting from the shape of Tugu Yogyakarta, world wonders, animals, vehicles, and many more.

4. Explore and Shop in Malioboro

Malioboro is one of the must-visit places to visit when going to Yogyakarta. However, it is best to visit the place during night time. Not only because of the traditional atmosphere but at night Malioboro also offers great lighting. Moreover, there are special performances during night time here. Starting from Angklung performance, street music, and more.

5. Culinary and Hangout at Alun-Alun Kidul

An exciting thing about what to do in Yogyakarta at night time is to spend time at Alun-Alun Kidul. People could find many kinds of culinary here and hang out here. Besides eating the local food, there are also unique vehicles that are decorated with colorful lights. People could also explore a myth experience here.

Yogyakarta is one of the cities that people often choose to spend the holiday. Moreover, there are many exciting things about what to do in Yogyakarta at night. Not only exciting but also memorable and also romantic.

What To Do In Malacca – Experience These Places

What to do in malacca

Malacca is a city in Malaysia that offers a mixture of something traditional and modern at the same time. When you visit the city, you can see the traditional transportation on the streets picking people up. As on some side of the city, you can also see high buildings that are modern completed with high technology. However, Malacca is famous for its traditional culture-making people want to know more about the culture. So, what to do in Malacca if you are coming with the whole family? Don’t worry Malacca has many activities that you can enjoy with your family. 

What to do in malacca

Rather than riding public transportation in Malacca, it is better to walk around the city while seeing the view. The weather in Malacca is a bit hot, therefore you should bring some sunblock – sunglasses with you. However, the weather is still friendly for those who would like to stroll around the city on foot. If you coming to this city with your family, here are some activities on what to do in Malacca:

1. Melaka River Cruise

There are many ways to enjoy the tour around the city and one of the ways is by river cruise. Ride a boat around Melaka River to see the view of the city and some historical places there. People can also see traditional Malay village and the beautiful morals along the side of the street. If you want to ride the cruise you can ride it from the Quayside Heritage site of the Hang Jebat Bridge.

2. Come to the Botanical Garden

Visit the Botanical Garden and see many kinds of plants in Malacca. The garden contains 300 species of flora and fauna, some are unique and only found in Malacca. This garden is open from 09 in the morning, therefore people can do their morning walk while breathing fresh air. If you are traveling with a little one, don’t forget to visit the book village. The village has all kinds of books that you can read while relaxing. 

3. Shop at Jonker Walk Night Market

In the evening, when your kids are asleep, you can start shopping in the walk night market. This is a traditional market on the streets where people can buy almost anything from a handphone case to clothes. The price here is very friendly, however, you can still cut off some price. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs too because there are many handicrafts that you can buy here. 

4. Visit Malay Village

What to do in Malacca next is visit Malay village after going on a cruise. Not many cities in Malaysia can maintain their traditional culture, so you should see the village in Malacca. Visiting this village is free, however, make sure to help take care of the environment there. 

5. Learn Batik Making

One of the culture learning people can do while in Malacca is learn how to make batik. This is a type of art that is popular in Asia especially Malaysia and Indonesia. In this class, people can make their batik shirt or batik fabric, according to what they like. The slot in each class isn’t much, therefore make sure to book a slot when you come to Malacca.

There are many things about what to do in Malacca whether you are with your family or friends. The city is family-friendly and most importantly the cost here is very affordable here. Therefore, for those who are planning for a vacation, try visiting Malacca.

What To Do In Zermatt To Carve Wonderful Memory

what to do in zermatt

Have you ever visited Zermatt? You should go there if you claim yourself as a traveler or mountain lover. As the town that lies at the foot of Matterhorn, the highest mountain in the Alpine mountain range, you can enjoy the scenery that you never saw. There, you will also learn about the people who succeed in conquering Matterhorn and the people who failed and died. Are you curious about what to do in Zermatt that will make you unable to forget it? Let’s find out!

what to do in zermatt

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

You can’t tell that you have visited Zermatt unless you go skiing in this highest ski area in Switzerland. It is even called as a ski paradise for how vast the area where you can ski. Furthermore, because of the glaciers and low temperatures that only exist at high altitudes, it’s possible for you to skiing even in the summer. And if you feel, you’re not good enough at skiing, just go and ask for an instructor. It’s guaranteed you will able to skiing beautifully.

2. Climbing the Breithorn

Visiting Zermatt means you can brag to your friends that you ever climb a 4.000 meters mountain. Do you think it’s dangerous to climb such a high mountain with barely enough experience? Well, of course, it is dangerous if it’s a mountain that hard to climb. But, Breithorn is one of the easiest peaks to climb so it will be safe.

When climbing Breithorn it’s better to have a mountain guide accompany you to make you feel safer. But even if it’s the easiest peak to climb with no demanding trek, you still have to be careful. After all, the air is thinner than at the foot of the mountain and there also glaciated slopes.

3. Stay in the Zermatt Village

If you wonder what to do in Zermatt other than mountain-relate activities, then you just can stay in Zermatt village. You will learn many things about the history of early tourism and alpinism. You can say that this Zermatt village is like an open-air museum where you can learn various things such as the life of mountain farmers.

There are much ancient building making it looks like an old village. If you want to take a stroll, you need 1 hour and 30 minutes to completely explore the village.

4. Eat the Special Zermatt Culinary Dishes

Traveling in Zermatt won’t enough if you don’t taste the special cuisine from Zermatt. As it has the widest choice of cuisine, you can choose your favorite dishes. There are many dishes from the traditional ones to the latest. You can enjoy eating the food that you can find only in Zermatt while looking at the beautiful scenery in Zermatt. Moreover, you can also experience a new way of eating with having breakfast in the gondola.

Zermatt holds a lot of stunting scenery and attraction that makes you want to come over again and again. When you going there you will not be wonder about what to do in Zermatt as there are many things you can do. It’s not exaggerated to say that it will give you unforgettable experiences.

5 Wonderful And Best Places To Visit In Pune That You Should Know

best places to visit in pune

A holiday is not just a moment for spending time but a holiday is the need of everyone. While getting a holiday, we need to determine where the place we should visit. There are many places that we can visit while having a holiday. The recommended places to visit while the holiday is Pune, India. Pune has many glories and wonderful places that you must visit. In fact, we cannot just go to Pune without having any plans. We should know where the place we will visit in Pune. If haven’t got the inspiration yet, we will provide you the best places to visit in Pune that you need to know.

best places to visit in pune

1. Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is one of the historical places in Pune. This place built in 1732 years ago. At that time, in 1732, Shaniwar Wada is the palace of Maratha until 1818. After that, Shaniwar Wada change into the center of Indian politics. Unfortunately, this place was destroyed by fire in 1828.

Therefore, it has been transformed into a tourist site until now and become the number one of the best places to visit in Pune. Many tourists interest in visiting Shaniwar Wada to hear the story. They also interested in the design of this palace. Besides, the entry fee to visit Shaniwar Wada is INR125 for foreigners and INR5 for local tourists.

2. Aga Khan Palace

Another historical place in Pune is Aga Khan Palace. As same as the Shaniwar Wada, Aga khan palace is also the most visited tourist site. Besides, this monument is known as the jewel of Indian history. In this palace, you will see the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and other related figures. Moreover, you will also hear the story about the Gandhy national memorial society and the story of this palace. To visit this palace, you need to pay INR100 for foreigners and INR5 for local tourists.

3. Parvati Hill

Except for the historical place, you will also enjoy the natural place in Pune such as Parvati Hill. This place is a beautiful green hill which is popular among tourists. Many tourists from local and international visit the Parvati hill to enjoy the sunset. The climbing track of this place is a beautiful amount of 103 steps. On the top of Parvati hill, there are some nice temples such as Kartikeya temple, Vishnu temple, and Devdeveshwar temple.

4. Paashh Cafe

After visiting the historical places and Parvati hill, you probably need to take a rest in the Paashh Café. This cafe is very famous among tourists. In fact, this café has a luxury and wonderful design. It has the artifact as the decoration and many unique decorations. Therefore, tourists like to visit this café to take a rest while enjoying the panorama.

5. Vetal Tekdi

Another hill of Pune is Vetal Tekdi. This hill is the highest in Pune for the amount of 2600 feet. In line with the high point, on the top of the hill, you will see all parts of Pune. The track may hard but the panorama you get on the top of the hill will pay your effort.

To sum up, you should list the place that you want to visit the best places to visit in Pune as the previous explanation. Make sure you know the clear place and route before having a holiday. It will minimize the trouble that you might face.

Natural Wonders Of India To Visit During Vacation

natural wonders of india

For those who love traveling, India is one of the countries they should insert in their list. India has many natural wonders that people should visit. People often think that India is just about cultural places such as the Taj Mahal and the festivals. However, the natural places in this country are breathtaking and would give a different experience. The natural wonders of India are worth to visit and enjoy.

natural wonders of india

Before visiting India, remember to prepare the itinerary. Insert some of the undiscovered gems in India to experience a different holiday in this country. Starting for the high until the low places, here is the list of the natural wonders of India to visit.

1. The Borra Caves

The first natural place to visit in India is the Borra Cave. Not all people have seen and entre a real cave. So, this place is definitely a destination that is worth to visit. The rocks formations are permanently fascinating. The cave has existed for millions of years already. There is also a local tribal that comes with many legends in it. The location of the Borra Cave is in the Ananthagiri Hills, in the Andhra Pradesh Araku Valley.

2. The Lonar Lake

The next natural wonders of India to visit are lakes. One of the lakes that people must visit is Lonar Lake. It is the youngest and the only basalt rock on earth. The lake was formed about 52.000 years ago from a gigantic meteor that crashed on the earth. The lake is near a jungle in the Buldhana District of Maharashtra. However, people could not enter the jungle, so they could just enjoy the scenery of the lake and what is surrounded it.

3. The Gandikota Canyon

Whoever thought that when visiting India, they could also visit a canyon natural wonder destination? Well, India does have a beautiful Canyon to visit. It is the Gandikota Canyon that is in the Cuddapah district in Andhra Pradesh. The place is still in the original shape so people could not climb on it. However, people could still enjoy the Canyon from a distance. As an addition, Gandikota Canyon has already existed since the 13th century.

4. The Valley of Flowers

Another breathtaking natural wonder of India is the Valley of Flowers. This place has the most beautiful flower blooms in the world. The blooming time of the flowers is in June and October. There are more than 500 kinds of flowers that bloom here with beautiful different flowers. Moreover, this place is surrounding by highland mountains and the blue sky.

5. The Hide and Seek Beach

The next nature destination to visit is Hide and Seek Beach. It is called the hide and seek the beach because there is the water of the sea recedes until it disappears. After the receded, the water would then come back again when it is high tide. This incident is unique and rare happen in the usual beaches.

There are many kinds of natural wonders of India to explore. Starting from the beaches, the lakes, the mountains, caves, and more. Moreover, make sure to visit during nice weather. Do not forget to share this information with others.

What To Do In Nagoya – Try These Cool Things

what to do in nagoya

Japan is a country that is famous for its culture and food, which is different than in other countries. The culture is unique and there are many things people can learn from. As for the food, some are very delicious some other depends on the tongue of the visitors. All the cities in Japan are worth to visit as they offer different kinds of atmosphere. However, from all the cities in Japan, one of the cities you should visit in Nagoya City. Even though this is not as popular as Tokyo, you won’t have to worry about what to do in Nagoya. Because there are plenty of places and activities you can do.

what to do in nagoya

Nagoya City is a city with a big population in it, however, it is not popular as other cities in Japan. Therefore, some tourists keep asking is it worth to visit and what is available there? Well, since it is not that popular yet, it is not full of tourists, so the hotels there is a more friendly cost than in other cities. In this city, you will not only find historical buildings but also major factories in the automotive industry. So, rather than getting confused here are the things of what to do in Nagoya city:

1. Visiting Toyota Kaikan Museum

One of the famous brands of automotive, Toyota, is made in Japan, exactly in Nagoya city. The factory is in this city and people can see the process through this museum. By visiting the museum, you can also see the top 20 models of the latest products that they have made. So, visiting this museum will surely add some knowledge of yours to the automotive. However, if you want to join the museum tour you have to book days-weeks before the day. 

2. Attend World Cosplay

What to do in Nagoya that is unique if you are coming in summer? Well, try attending the World Cosplay Summit that is available in Nagoya. This event is usually in July-August and many people participate in it, even from other countries. In this event, you can see people dressing and acting as their favorite characters that are all out. Whether you like cosplay or not, this event is worth to check, especially taking some photos with them.

3. Explore the Nagoya Castle

Japan has many castles but one of the largest castles in Japan is the Nagoya castle. In this castle, there is a museum where people can learn about the history of the castle. Next don’t forget to visit the Ninomaru-en, a garden that surrounds the castle which has a teahouse and serene environment. Although the building itself is not original and has been reconstructed a few times, the building itself is still unique. 

4. Eating Nagoya Dishes

When it comes to Japan, don’t forget to do some culinary and try all the foods there are. Nagoya city itself is famous for its miso production, which is a type of sauce from soybeans. You can eat any kind of meat using this sauce and it will taste delicious. Other than that, Nagoya is also famous for its cooking style of Unagi. So, you should also try the way they cook and eat the eel. 

5. See Autumn Colors at Korankei

If you are visiting the city in autumn then visit Korankei, a valley in Nagoya city. In autumn, the city will change its colors and you will see it along the paths of the Tomoe River. Come the latest in November to see the beautiful colors in the city. 

There are many other places and activities that you can do in Nagoya that haven’t been explored yet. Therefore, you won’t get blanked and wonder what to do in Nagoya when you visit there. However, before visiting this city make sure you have listed the activities and make sure the time is right. Remember that some activities are only available at certain times of the year. 

Tips On How To Create A Good Itinerary For Holiday

how to create a good itinerary

People must be exciting when they are planning to go out for a holiday. Especially for those who are planning to go for a far holiday. There are many things to pay attention to before going out for holiday. One of the important things that people often forget is the itinerary. They should read some reading about how to create a good itinerary. Not only then people would able to make their own itinerary. But it would also be a great idea to search for holiday destinations.

how to create a good itinerary

Arranging a good itinerary is important. The first thing, it is because it could save more time during the holiday. Secondly, because people would be able to enjoy the holiday without being worried about the timing. Moreover, people would not have to worry about their next destination because everything is already settled. Here are some tips on how to create a good itinerary for the holidays.

1. Have enough Time of Rest

One of the things people often forget when making an itinerary is their resting time. Getting enough rest is important to keep healthy and fit during the holiday. Make sure not to make a schedule starting too early and ending too late. Not only it would make people tired, but also it would might the holiday not productive.

2. Never Skip Meal Time

The next tip on how to create a good itinerary never skips the mealtime. Besides the resting time, mealtime is also important to pay attention to. The holiday might be the time for culinary time, searching for the local delicious food. However, it is also important to pay attention to the timing during the culinary. Not only that it is important to have enough meal, but the timing is also important. Going to a restaurant during lunchtime must be more crowded.

3. Remember the Accommodation

Another thing people while making a holiday schedule is accommodation. For those who are taking public transportation, remember to add extra time. Some public transportation has district timing while others have no specific time. This might cause people to need more time for waiting for transportation.

4. List the Things to Do

Another tip on how to create a good itinerary is to list the things to do. Not only the list of destinations that people need to arrange. But people should also list the things to do there. This is because people could do many activities in one destination. Also, make sure to not to do the same activity more than 3 times.

5. Insert Free Time

Even though there is a schedule for the holiday, being flexible is important. There would also be things that could cause people to change their itinerary. Moreover, people should also insert free time in their schedule. This is because so that people could explore surprising places without knowing the place before.

Making a schedule for a holiday is not a difficult thing to do. These tips on how to make a good itinerary would be a useful thing. Moreover, people could also read other people’s itineraries as a comparison as well.

What To Do When In Adelaide For The First Time Visitors

what to do when in adelaide

Adelaide is a city on the coast of Australia that offers a pleasant experience. This elegant city is famous for its wine culture, world-class art, and small bars. So, when you are here, you don’t need to question what to do when in Adelaide.

what to do when in adelaide

Although Adelaide is not popular compared to other cities in Australia, you will still be happy if you visit this city. This is because you can do many things if you visit Adelaide. Here is what to do when in Adelaide that you will never forget:

1. Visit The National Wine Center

The city is popular with its wines so you must visit the National Wine Center. This museum is located outside the Adelaide Botanic Garden area. You will get an interesting educational experience about wine here.

The Museum is also a University of Adelaide enology research institute. Usually, this museum holds wine classes, wine dinners, and so on. You can also taste typical Australian wines here.

2. Check Out The Hustle and Bustle of Adelaide Central Market

This place is the culinary center of Adelaide so you can see more than 80 food stalls. Besides, you can also shop for various kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit here. Also, there are delicious pastry, cheese, candy, and cafe shops.

Every Friday, you will see live music in this market. Besides, you can also participate in various events held in this market. For example, cooking classes, vegan festivals, school holiday workshops for children, and others.

3. Go On a Heritage Walking Tour

Aside from the wine, Adelaide is also popular with its beautiful architectural heritage. In addition, the architecture in this city has a high-value history. Therefore, what to do when in Adelaide is to go on a heritage walking tour.

You can take a variety of informative tours that teach about history in Adelaide. For example, you will find out the history of popular buildings in Adelaide, Rundle Mall.

4. Visit Rundle Mall

If you want to buy souvenirs, you can go to Rundle Mall. This mall is the first pedestrian-only mall in Australia. Therefore, do not be surprised if you will see the old building in this mall.

This is because this mall has existed since 1837 and this building dates from the 19th century. You can find many items in this mall at affordable prices. This is because the mall has many large retailers from Australia and other countries.

5. Enjoy The Atmosphere of The Beach At Glenelg

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the seaside resorts in the suburbs of Adelaide. If you want to relax and take a break from the bustle of the city, you can go here. Besides, you can also take a boat to enjoy the view of the Australian sea.

In addition to the beach atmosphere, you will see many historic buildings here. However, do not let you miss to ride the Glenelg Tram. This tram is one of the tram lines that still operate in Adelaide.

Now you know what to do when in Adelaide because there are a lot of activities you can do here. Do all the interesting activities while you are in this beautiful city. You will get an experience that you cannot forget for the rest of your life.