best places to visit in pune

5 Wonderful And Best Places To Visit In Pune That You Should Know

best places to visit in pune

A holiday is not just a moment for spending time but a holiday is the need of everyone. While getting a holiday, we need to determine where the place we should visit. There are many places that we can visit while having a holiday. The recommended places to visit while the holiday is Pune, India. Pune has many glories and wonderful places that you must visit. In fact, we cannot just go to Pune without having any plans. We should know where the place we will visit in Pune. If haven’t got the inspiration yet, we will provide you the best places to visit in Pune that you need to know.

best places to visit in pune

1. Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is one of the historical places in Pune. This place built in 1732 years ago. At that time, in 1732, Shaniwar Wada is the palace of Maratha until 1818. After that, Shaniwar Wada change into the center of Indian politics. Unfortunately, this place was destroyed by fire in 1828.

Therefore, it has been transformed into a tourist site until now and become the number one of the best places to visit in Pune. Many tourists interest in visiting Shaniwar Wada to hear the story. They also interested in the design of this palace. Besides, the entry fee to visit Shaniwar Wada is INR125 for foreigners and INR5 for local tourists.

2. Aga Khan Palace

Another historical place in Pune is Aga Khan Palace. As same as the Shaniwar Wada, Aga khan palace is also the most visited tourist site. Besides, this monument is known as the jewel of Indian history. In this palace, you will see the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and other related figures. Moreover, you will also hear the story about the Gandhy national memorial society and the story of this palace. To visit this palace, you need to pay INR100 for foreigners and INR5 for local tourists.

3. Parvati Hill

Except for the historical place, you will also enjoy the natural place in Pune such as Parvati Hill. This place is a beautiful green hill which is popular among tourists. Many tourists from local and international visit the Parvati hill to enjoy the sunset. The climbing track of this place is a beautiful amount of 103 steps. On the top of Parvati hill, there are some nice temples such as Kartikeya temple, Vishnu temple, and Devdeveshwar temple.

4. Paashh Cafe

After visiting the historical places and Parvati hill, you probably need to take a rest in the Paashh Café. This cafe is very famous among tourists. In fact, this café has a luxury and wonderful design. It has the artifact as the decoration and many unique decorations. Therefore, tourists like to visit this café to take a rest while enjoying the panorama.

5. Vetal Tekdi

Another hill of Pune is Vetal Tekdi. This hill is the highest in Pune for the amount of 2600 feet. In line with the high point, on the top of the hill, you will see all parts of Pune. The track may hard but the panorama you get on the top of the hill will pay your effort.

To sum up, you should list the place that you want to visit the best places to visit in Pune as the previous explanation. Make sure you know the clear place and route before having a holiday. It will minimize the trouble that you might face.