natural wonders of india

Natural Wonders Of India To Visit During Vacation

natural wonders of india

For those who love traveling, India is one of the countries they should insert in their list. India has many natural wonders that people should visit. People often think that India is just about cultural places such as the Taj Mahal and the festivals. However, the natural places in this country are breathtaking and would give a different experience. The natural wonders of India are worth to visit and enjoy.

natural wonders of india

Before visiting India, remember to prepare the itinerary. Insert some of the undiscovered gems in India to experience a different holiday in this country. Starting for the high until the low places, here is the list of the natural wonders of India to visit.

1. The Borra Caves

The first natural place to visit in India is the Borra Cave. Not all people have seen and entre a real cave. So, this place is definitely a destination that is worth to visit. The rocks formations are permanently fascinating. The cave has existed for millions of years already. There is also a local tribal that comes with many legends in it. The location of the Borra Cave is in the Ananthagiri Hills, in the Andhra Pradesh Araku Valley.

2. The Lonar Lake

The next natural wonders of India to visit are lakes. One of the lakes that people must visit is Lonar Lake. It is the youngest and the only basalt rock on earth. The lake was formed about 52.000 years ago from a gigantic meteor that crashed on the earth. The lake is near a jungle in the Buldhana District of Maharashtra. However, people could not enter the jungle, so they could just enjoy the scenery of the lake and what is surrounded it.

3. The Gandikota Canyon

Whoever thought that when visiting India, they could also visit a canyon natural wonder destination? Well, India does have a beautiful Canyon to visit. It is the Gandikota Canyon that is in the Cuddapah district in Andhra Pradesh. The place is still in the original shape so people could not climb on it. However, people could still enjoy the Canyon from a distance. As an addition, Gandikota Canyon has already existed since the 13th century.

4. The Valley of Flowers

Another breathtaking natural wonder of India is the Valley of Flowers. This place has the most beautiful flower blooms in the world. The blooming time of the flowers is in June and October. There are more than 500 kinds of flowers that bloom here with beautiful different flowers. Moreover, this place is surrounding by highland mountains and the blue sky.

5. The Hide and Seek Beach

The next nature destination to visit is Hide and Seek Beach. It is called the hide and seek the beach because there is the water of the sea recedes until it disappears. After the receded, the water would then come back again when it is high tide. This incident is unique and rare happen in the usual beaches.

There are many kinds of natural wonders of India to explore. Starting from the beaches, the lakes, the mountains, caves, and more. Moreover, make sure to visit during nice weather. Do not forget to share this information with others.