oldest museum in the world

66. List of The Oldest Museum in the World & What to Expect Inside

oldest museum in the world

A museum is one of the best places to visit for those who want to learn something new. By coming to the museum, people can see art, historical objects and learn more about history. It is interesting and unique, especially if you visit the oldest museum in the world.

Old museums don’t only display historical objects but also offers unique designs of buildings. Some of the oldest museums are even made hundreds and thousands of years ago. So, if you are interested, check out the oldest museum in the world:

1. Capitoline Museum

If you are planning to go to Italy, then make sure to visit the Capitoline Museum that is in Rome. This museum was first built in 1471 which collected prehistoric bronze pieces from over decades. However, at first, this museum was not opened for the public until 1734 to today. And now, visitors can see collections of coins, arts, and jewels from the past times. Not only that, but they can also observe the unique and antique design of the museum itself.

2. Vatican Museum

The second museum on the list is the Vatican Museum that was established in 1506. There are a total of 70,000 works of art inside the museum that comes from Roman Catholic churches from around the Vatican. So, this museum shows the historical path of the city until today.

3. Kunstkamera Museum

Russia is a country that is famous for its beautiful places and scenery. However, when you come here don’t forget to visit one of the famous and old museums, the Kunstkamera museum. This museum was built by Peter de Great in 1727. However, not like other museums, this is an anthropology and Ethnography museum.

So, when you come inside don’t expect to see historical or statues of the ancient days. On the other hand, you will see collections of defects fetal that are in bottles. Or some cruel tools like electrical seats full of nails to torture people. So, make sure to be brave when you visit this museum.

4. British Museum

The British Museum is also one of the oldest museums in the world that is in London. Inside, there are more than 8 million objects from all around the world that show how humans developed until today. So, you can say this is one of the biggest and most important museums in the world for human beings.

5. Hermitage Museum

Another old museum in Russia that you can visit is the Hermitage. Located in St. Petersburg, the museum has one of the most significant and important collections of arts in the world. Therefore, inside the building, you will find almost everything from archeological artifacts to new arts. So, this is sure the home of those who love art pieces.

There you go, the list of the oldest museum in the world that you can visit. Each of these museums offers different arts and display for the visitors to observe. Some may be a bit of horror while others give you great information about history in the past. So, make sure to visit all these museums to get a great experience.