What to do in malacca

What To Do In Malacca – Experience These Places

What to do in malacca

Malacca is a city in Malaysia that offers a mixture of something traditional and modern at the same time. When you visit the city, you can see the traditional transportation on the streets picking people up. As on some side of the city, you can also see high buildings that are modern completed with high technology. However, Malacca is famous for its traditional culture-making people want to know more about the culture. So, what to do in Malacca if you are coming with the whole family? Don’t worry Malacca has many activities that you can enjoy with your family. 

What to do in malacca

Rather than riding public transportation in Malacca, it is better to walk around the city while seeing the view. The weather in Malacca is a bit hot, therefore you should bring some sunblock – sunglasses with you. However, the weather is still friendly for those who would like to stroll around the city on foot. If you coming to this city with your family, here are some activities on what to do in Malacca:

1. Melaka River Cruise

There are many ways to enjoy the tour around the city and one of the ways is by river cruise. Ride a boat around Melaka River to see the view of the city and some historical places there. People can also see traditional Malay village and the beautiful morals along the side of the street. If you want to ride the cruise you can ride it from the Quayside Heritage site of the Hang Jebat Bridge.

2. Come to the Botanical Garden

Visit the Botanical Garden and see many kinds of plants in Malacca. The garden contains 300 species of flora and fauna, some are unique and only found in Malacca. This garden is open from 09 in the morning, therefore people can do their morning walk while breathing fresh air. If you are traveling with a little one, don’t forget to visit the book village. The village has all kinds of books that you can read while relaxing. 

3. Shop at Jonker Walk Night Market

In the evening, when your kids are asleep, you can start shopping in the walk night market. This is a traditional market on the streets where people can buy almost anything from a handphone case to clothes. The price here is very friendly, however, you can still cut off some price. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs too because there are many handicrafts that you can buy here. 

4. Visit Malay Village

What to do in Malacca next is visit Malay village after going on a cruise. Not many cities in Malaysia can maintain their traditional culture, so you should see the village in Malacca. Visiting this village is free, however, make sure to help take care of the environment there. 

5. Learn Batik Making

One of the culture learning people can do while in Malacca is learn how to make batik. This is a type of art that is popular in Asia especially Malaysia and Indonesia. In this class, people can make their batik shirt or batik fabric, according to what they like. The slot in each class isn’t much, therefore make sure to book a slot when you come to Malacca.

There are many things about what to do in Malacca whether you are with your family or friends. The city is family-friendly and most importantly the cost here is very affordable here. Therefore, for those who are planning for a vacation, try visiting Malacca.