what to do in nagoya

What To Do In Nagoya – Try These Cool Things

what to do in nagoya

Japan is a country that is famous for its culture and food, which is different than in other countries. The culture is unique and there are many things people can learn from. As for the food, some are very delicious some other depends on the tongue of the visitors. All the cities in Japan are worth to visit as they offer different kinds of atmosphere. However, from all the cities in Japan, one of the cities you should visit in Nagoya City. Even though this is not as popular as Tokyo, you won’t have to worry about what to do in Nagoya. Because there are plenty of places and activities you can do.

what to do in nagoya

Nagoya City is a city with a big population in it, however, it is not popular as other cities in Japan. Therefore, some tourists keep asking is it worth to visit and what is available there? Well, since it is not that popular yet, it is not full of tourists, so the hotels there is a more friendly cost than in other cities. In this city, you will not only find historical buildings but also major factories in the automotive industry. So, rather than getting confused here are the things of what to do in Nagoya city:

1. Visiting Toyota Kaikan Museum

One of the famous brands of automotive, Toyota, is made in Japan, exactly in Nagoya city. The factory is in this city and people can see the process through this museum. By visiting the museum, you can also see the top 20 models of the latest products that they have made. So, visiting this museum will surely add some knowledge of yours to the automotive. However, if you want to join the museum tour you have to book days-weeks before the day. 

2. Attend World Cosplay

What to do in Nagoya that is unique if you are coming in summer? Well, try attending the World Cosplay Summit that is available in Nagoya. This event is usually in July-August and many people participate in it, even from other countries. In this event, you can see people dressing and acting as their favorite characters that are all out. Whether you like cosplay or not, this event is worth to check, especially taking some photos with them.

3. Explore the Nagoya Castle

Japan has many castles but one of the largest castles in Japan is the Nagoya castle. In this castle, there is a museum where people can learn about the history of the castle. Next don’t forget to visit the Ninomaru-en, a garden that surrounds the castle which has a teahouse and serene environment. Although the building itself is not original and has been reconstructed a few times, the building itself is still unique. 

4. Eating Nagoya Dishes

When it comes to Japan, don’t forget to do some culinary and try all the foods there are. Nagoya city itself is famous for its miso production, which is a type of sauce from soybeans. You can eat any kind of meat using this sauce and it will taste delicious. Other than that, Nagoya is also famous for its cooking style of Unagi. So, you should also try the way they cook and eat the eel. 

5. See Autumn Colors at Korankei

If you are visiting the city in autumn then visit Korankei, a valley in Nagoya city. In autumn, the city will change its colors and you will see it along the paths of the Tomoe River. Come the latest in November to see the beautiful colors in the city. 

There are many other places and activities that you can do in Nagoya that haven’t been explored yet. Therefore, you won’t get blanked and wonder what to do in Nagoya when you visit there. However, before visiting this city make sure you have listed the activities and make sure the time is right. Remember that some activities are only available at certain times of the year.