what to do in ulaanbaatar

What To Do In Ulaanbaatar During Holiday

what to do in ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is located in Mongolia and it is also the capital city of the country. Even though it is the capital city and also the biggest city in the country, but there are a lot of traditional and aunt ethic things. Tourist could enjoy many activities starting from nature ones until traditional ones. There are many interesting and attractive things about what to do in Ulaanbaatar during the holiday.

Even though Ulaanbaatar is the capital city, visitors should shift a little towards the district to enjoy the different experience. The city is located in the center of the country, so visitors could easily reach the town. Visitors could use trains, travel, and even planes. Moreover, they could even reach the town directly from China, Russia, and other countries. To spend the best time here, here are the top things on what to in Ulaanbaatar during the holiday.

1. Join a Cooking Class

Joining a cooking class might look like a cheesy thing to do during the holiday, but not here. People would get a different cooking experience here in Ulaanbaatar. Rather than cooking in a modern kitchen, people would experience cooking in the traditional Mongolia house. People would be taught the local people by cooking delicious local foods. Starting from Mongolia dumplings, homemade Mongolian noddle soup, and others. The ingredients are all fresh from nature.

2. Join a Semi-Gobi Tour

The next exciting this on what to do in Ulaanbaatar is joining a semi-Gobi tour. The tour would likely to take one day full. People would reach the desert by driving by car. Usually, the tour would also provide a local lunch meal. Moreover, visitors would able to ride a horse and even camel through the sand. Almost, they would able to learn the culture directly from the local families. The more people of the group, the cheaper the price would be.

3. Have a Beautiful Day – Night at the Gobi

Mongolia has one of the best nature on earth, which is the Gobi Desert. People would not be able to drive by themselves towards here. So, visitors must join a tour that would take at least four days. The tour would take the visitors by plane to discover the desert. Moreover, visitors would also ride several types of camels across the desert. They would also be able to visit many historical and natural places.

4. Enjoy the Scenery at the Hustai National Park

Another thing about what to do in Ulaanbaatar is to visit and enjoy the Hustai National Park. The park is green and cool to spend time with. There are many wild animals here that people could watch them living in the natural habitat. There are also some camps that people could rest here.

5. Visit the Khaan Palace Museum

After spending the most time in outdoor nature, people should also visit the Khaan Palace Museum. Visitors could explore amazing traditional things from Mongolia and enjoy the breeze outside. However, visitors are not able to take pictures inside the museum.

There are many places and activities on what to do in Ulaanbaatar. Especially on the nature destinations and its culture. Mongolia is best for those, so do not miss those great experiences.