what to do in yogyakarta at night

What To Do In Yogyakarta At Night Time For Holiday

what to do in yogyakarta at night

Yogyakarta is one of the best cities in Indonesia to go during the holiday, whether for local or international tourists. Spending time in the city during the daytime is great. However, spending time in Yogyakarta at night time is the best. Not only that the city gives a romantic nuance, but also it gives a memorial nuance as well. Moreover, there are many things about what to do in Yogyakarta at night time.

what to do in yogyakarta at night

Access to Yogyakarta is also easy. People could reach the city by using trains, planes and even by car. However, using a car is not suggested in the city because the streets are small. A driving motorcycle is the best with feeling the cool air of the city. To know more activities about what to do in Yogyakarta at night, here are some list of activities.

1. Talk a Walk in Sindu Kusuma Edupark

The first thing to do in Yogyakarta is to spend time and take a walk in Sindu Kusuma Edupark. There is a Ferris Wheel that people ride. Moreover, there are also many kinds of monuments and displayed items that people could enjoy. This place is romantic for couples to enjoy and spend time with. To complete the scenery here, there are beautiful flickering lights equipped.

2. Hangout at the Pengger Pine Forest

The second thing on what to do in Yogyakarta at night is to hang out at the Pengger Pine Forest. The location is in the hills of Yogyakarta, so this place offers great scenery of the city. Not only that people could enjoy a peaceful quiet night here, but they could also get some Instagrammable pictures here. There are many great spots that people could take photos and selfies.

3. Taking Picture in the Rainbow Lantern Park

Taking pictures and photos during a vacation is a must. Not only to memorize the moments but also that people could upload it on social media. One of the great night destinations here is the Rainbow Lantern Park. In this place, it is fulfilled with beautiful lanterns. Starting from the shape of Tugu Yogyakarta, world wonders, animals, vehicles, and many more.

4. Explore and Shop in Malioboro

Malioboro is one of the must-visit places to visit when going to Yogyakarta. However, it is best to visit the place during night time. Not only because of the traditional atmosphere but at night Malioboro also offers great lighting. Moreover, there are special performances during night time here. Starting from Angklung performance, street music, and more.

5. Culinary and Hangout at Alun-Alun Kidul

An exciting thing about what to do in Yogyakarta at night time is to spend time at Alun-Alun Kidul. People could find many kinds of culinary here and hang out here. Besides eating the local food, there are also unique vehicles that are decorated with colorful lights. People could also explore a myth experience here.

Yogyakarta is one of the cities that people often choose to spend the holiday. Moreover, there are many exciting things about what to do in Yogyakarta at night. Not only exciting but also memorable and also romantic.