what to do in zermatt

What To Do In Zermatt To Carve Wonderful Memory

what to do in zermatt

Have you ever visited Zermatt? You should go there if you claim yourself as a traveler or mountain lover. As the town that lies at the foot of Matterhorn, the highest mountain in the Alpine mountain range, you can enjoy the scenery that you never saw. There, you will also learn about the people who succeed in conquering Matterhorn and the people who failed and died. Are you curious about what to do in Zermatt that will make you unable to forget it? Let’s find out!

what to do in zermatt

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

You can’t tell that you have visited Zermatt unless you go skiing in this highest ski area in Switzerland. It is even called as a ski paradise for how vast the area where you can ski. Furthermore, because of the glaciers and low temperatures that only exist at high altitudes, it’s possible for you to skiing even in the summer. And if you feel, you’re not good enough at skiing, just go and ask for an instructor. It’s guaranteed you will able to skiing beautifully.

2. Climbing the Breithorn

Visiting Zermatt means you can brag to your friends that you ever climb a 4.000 meters mountain. Do you think it’s dangerous to climb such a high mountain with barely enough experience? Well, of course, it is dangerous if it’s a mountain that hard to climb. But, Breithorn is one of the easiest peaks to climb so it will be safe.

When climbing Breithorn it’s better to have a mountain guide accompany you to make you feel safer. But even if it’s the easiest peak to climb with no demanding trek, you still have to be careful. After all, the air is thinner than at the foot of the mountain and there also glaciated slopes.

3. Stay in the Zermatt Village

If you wonder what to do in Zermatt other than mountain-relate activities, then you just can stay in Zermatt village. You will learn many things about the history of early tourism and alpinism. You can say that this Zermatt village is like an open-air museum where you can learn various things such as the life of mountain farmers.

There are much ancient building making it looks like an old village. If you want to take a stroll, you need 1 hour and 30 minutes to completely explore the village.

4. Eat the Special Zermatt Culinary Dishes

Traveling in Zermatt won’t enough if you don’t taste the special cuisine from Zermatt. As it has the widest choice of cuisine, you can choose your favorite dishes. There are many dishes from the traditional ones to the latest. You can enjoy eating the food that you can find only in Zermatt while looking at the beautiful scenery in Zermatt. Moreover, you can also experience a new way of eating with having breakfast in the gondola.

Zermatt holds a lot of stunting scenery and attraction that makes you want to come over again and again. When you going there you will not be wonder about what to do in Zermatt as there are many things you can do. It’s not exaggerated to say that it will give you unforgettable experiences.