what to do when in adelaide

What To Do When In Adelaide For The First Time Visitors

what to do when in adelaide

Adelaide is a city on the coast of Australia that offers a pleasant experience. This elegant city is famous for its wine culture, world-class art, and small bars. So, when you are here, you don’t need to question what to do when in Adelaide.

what to do when in adelaide

Although Adelaide is not popular compared to other cities in Australia, you will still be happy if you visit this city. This is because you can do many things if you visit Adelaide. Here is what to do when in Adelaide that you will never forget:

1. Visit The National Wine Center

The city is popular with its wines so you must visit the National Wine Center. This museum is located outside the Adelaide Botanic Garden area. You will get an interesting educational experience about wine here.

The Museum is also a University of Adelaide enology research institute. Usually, this museum holds wine classes, wine dinners, and so on. You can also taste typical Australian wines here.

2. Check Out The Hustle and Bustle of Adelaide Central Market

This place is the culinary center of Adelaide so you can see more than 80 food stalls. Besides, you can also shop for various kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit here. Also, there are delicious pastry, cheese, candy, and cafe shops.

Every Friday, you will see live music in this market. Besides, you can also participate in various events held in this market. For example, cooking classes, vegan festivals, school holiday workshops for children, and others.

3. Go On a Heritage Walking Tour

Aside from the wine, Adelaide is also popular with its beautiful architectural heritage. In addition, the architecture in this city has a high-value history. Therefore, what to do when in Adelaide is to go on a heritage walking tour.

You can take a variety of informative tours that teach about history in Adelaide. For example, you will find out the history of popular buildings in Adelaide, Rundle Mall.

4. Visit Rundle Mall

If you want to buy souvenirs, you can go to Rundle Mall. This mall is the first pedestrian-only mall in Australia. Therefore, do not be surprised if you will see the old building in this mall.

This is because this mall has existed since 1837 and this building dates from the 19th century. You can find many items in this mall at affordable prices. This is because the mall has many large retailers from Australia and other countries.

5. Enjoy The Atmosphere of The Beach At Glenelg

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the seaside resorts in the suburbs of Adelaide. If you want to relax and take a break from the bustle of the city, you can go here. Besides, you can also take a boat to enjoy the view of the Australian sea.

In addition to the beach atmosphere, you will see many historic buildings here. However, do not let you miss to ride the Glenelg Tram. This tram is one of the tram lines that still operate in Adelaide.

Now you know what to do when in Adelaide because there are a lot of activities you can do here. Do all the interesting activities while you are in this beautiful city. You will get an experience that you cannot forget for the rest of your life.