Where to go in istanbul

Where To Go In Istanbul For Culinary Trip

Where to go in istanbul

Talking about Istanbul, people would often talk about tourist destinations and shopping places. However, the culinary list of Istanbul is also a big hit. The Turkish meals are not only delicious but it is also unique. The seasoning and herbs would directly taste the tongue and comfort the tummy. Starting from street food, cafes and even restaurants. There are many destinations where to go in Istanbul for delicious culinary.

Most of the food porn in Istanbul is informal. People would wait in the queue line to order and buy the food. After that people could watch the cooking and preparation. Once the food is ready, people could eat the food directly eat it, without any utensils most of the time. But that what makes it a great culinary experience and its tasty food. Here are some destinations on where to go in Istanbul for culinary.

1. Lades Menemen near Istiklal Avenue

The first place to stop is near Istiklal Avenue. People should come during the morning to enjoy delicious menemen for breakfast. It is a soupy plate that is filled with scrambled eggs. Other ingredients are tomatoes, green bell peppers, and olive oil. As an addition, people could add meat or Turkish sausage or known as sucuklu yumurta to the dish. A plate of Menemen here would cost about 8TL. Not expensive yet tasty and full.

2. Simit Sarayi

The second place where to go in Istanbul for culinary is Simit Sarayi. It is where people could a limit, which is Turkish bagel bread. People could enjoy a piece of Simit for breakfast or for snacks as well. The outlets are in many corners in the town, even at the Istanbul airport. As for the price, one plain simit would cost about 1,5TL. For simits with tasty toppings would cost a little bit more expensive.

3. Hoca Pasa Pidecisi near Tokpapi Palace

After visiting the Tokpapi Palace, visitors then should stop by at Hoca Pasa Pidecisi. One of the best traditional food to try is pide. It is a Turkish dish that looks like a pizza but it is not. It is a folded flatbread with cheese goat milk. The cheese would melt cheesy in the mouth. Moreover, there are many delicious toppings, starting vegetables, spices, and meats.

4. Sehzade Cag Kebap

Still in the Tokpapi Palace, the next place where to go in Istanbul is Sehzade Vag Kebap. It is also a Turkish restaurant that serves traditional foods, which a popular one is Cag Kebab. Cag kebab is different from doner kebab. This food is horizontally stacked from lamb’s meat. Moreover, the final serving are also with flatbread, Turkish spices, and on a smaller skewer.

5. Kral Kokorec

Kral Kokorec is the restaurant that people must visit. It serves one of the best kokorec dishes. The dish is fill with slowly grilled lungs, hearts, or kidneys with meat. Not forget to mention the local spices. As the finishing, there are also chili flakes and pita bread.

Besides the local destinations on where to go in Istanbul, people must not forget the culinary as well. There are many delicious places for people to visit. Do not forget the tasting in Turkish might be more spicy than other places.