The Best 5 Top Attractions In Granada That Will Make You Come Back

top attractions in granada

Have you ever visit Granada before? Have you known that Granada is one of the historical places in Spain? If you have the plan to visit Spain this year, you should put this to your list. You will find lots of awesome places that make you surprised. You also can learn lots of history as Constantinopel city. But, before you decide to visit this place, make sure you know about where you want to go. As you know there are lots of amazing places there. So, you have to know the top attractions in Granada before you decide to visit there.

In Granada, you will find lots of historical places. You probably find a historical mosque, church, even a traditional festival. Therefore, you have to list what place you want to visit. If you don’t have lots of time, this list will help you to make a priority if the destination. Well, as your recommendation, here are the top Granada attraction that you can enjoy.

1. A Masterpiece of Islamic Architecture

As same as Constantinople, this city also closed to Islam’s history. Therefore, you will find lost of the amazing Islamic architecture here. This place also is one of the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. There are lots of people want to visit this place to learn about Islamic building. If you want to have an unforgettable holiday, just visit this place.

2. Cathedral Santa Maria Church

Not only Islamic Architecture, but you also can find a church in Granada. This Catedral Santa Maria Church is near Plaza Nueva. As you know that this church was built by Queen Isabella in the 15’s century. You can learn lots of the victory of Kristian Spain over Moor here. If you enter this cathedral, you will find an awesome interior inside of it.

3. Parque de las Ciencias

After learning lots of historical places, you have to visit this park. This will be the best science park that you ever visit. If you travel together with your family, you can use this as your rest area. There are lots of technology building for you here. So, it will make your mind be fresh, right? It will be top attractions in Granada that you can try.

4. Arab Spice Market

As a traveler, you should bring something as a souvenir to home, right? You will find lots of Arab souvenirs and spice here. If you can’t found Arab spice in your city, you can find lots of it here. You also can find lots of traditional fabric and dress here. Well, let’s bring something back home from here.

5. Religious Festival

In Granada, you will find lots of religious festivals held every period. You also will find Holy Week to celebrate Easter. The most popular festival in Granada is Corpus Cristi that shows Moorish dance. You also can learn about the history of this city from this festival. So, try to join the festival.

As you know that Granada has lots of history behind it. But, there are many of the attractions in Granada. In conclusion, after you read about the top attractions in Granada above, you can make a priority destination, right? This suggestion will help you to make your holiday be perfect. You will learn lots of history and bring a special souvenir to your home. Well, enjoy your holiday there.