What To Do In Frisian Island That Makes People Love the Island

What to do in frisian island

Frisian Island is a unique island which is in Europe, in 3 countries. The island forms an archipelago, stretching from the Netherlands and to Denmark. They are divided into three areas, however, the biggest and most popular one is in The Netherlands. Because of this unique location, Frisian Island forms a region that consists of mudflat, sand flats, and gullies. So, you can imagine how different this island is compared to other islands in Europe. As for the activities, what to do in Frisian Island that you can do?

Well, it won’t take long for tourists to fall in love with the island because it has so many to offer. People can come and see the incredible and unique nature that will not be available on other islands. You can even experience the untouched landscape while you explore the island. So, what to do in Frisian Island that will make you fall in love with it?

1. Explore the Island

As informed before, there are many places on the island that are untouched and never been seen by people. So, one of the activities you can do on this island is to go explore the island by riding your bike. However, make sure to have a friend when you ride around. And don’t ruin any local nature around you. 

2. Visiting Bunker Museum

Coming to this museum, visitors can come and see bunkers that were used by the military in WWII. People can also see the small exhibition that shows the equipment used for WWII. Some of the equipment showed in the exhibition is helmets, glass bottles and even the bullets they use. To help you learn more about history, you can ask for a tour guide to guide you around.

3. Going to Aquarium

What to do in Frisian Island that can make people fall in love with the island is seeing fish creatures. Just around the Nes Village, there is an aquarium that contains many sea spices from the sea of Frisian Island. Some of the sea creatures’ people can see is manta rays, barracuda and big eels. 

4. Go Beach Walking & Mudflat Walking

Not far from the aquarium, people can also view the shores from an observation tower or take a walk in the Nesserbos Forest. They also provide tours for people to go on mudflat walking which is quite famous in Frisian Island. Then relax with a beach walk while seeing the sunset.

5. Private Tour Around the Island

The island is quite wide; therefore, people can get lost if they explore it themselves. Go on a private tour to see the hidden games on each island. Usually, private tours will explore not only one country, but at least two countries, to show the visitors the different in each place. If you plan to join a private tour, make sure you arrange your time of the holiday.

The beauty in Frisian Island may not last forever, so it is worth to see every part of it. If you plan to come, make sure to list what to do in Frisian Island so you don’t miss anything. However, remember that the distance to Frisian Island from the big cities are quite far. So, make sure you are also ready for a long trip to the island.