Things On What To Do In Mykonos During Summer Time

what to do in mykonos

As seen on movies, Greece is one of the perfect places to spend during summer. Moreover, to spend it with some best friends or with our lovely partner. A good place to spend in Greece is in Mykonos. It is an island that the location is in the south of Greece. Starting from the architecture, the beaches, up to the town, there are many things on what to do in Mykonos. Even celebrities often take a holiday here during the summer or springtime.

Mykonos is not only famous with beaches and architecture like other Greek cities. But Mykonos is also famous for its cultural story and arts as well. Not forget to mention the local places that people must visit. Well to know more, here are the activities on what to do in Mykonos during summertime.

1. Explore Mykonos Windmills

The first thing to do in Mykonos is to explore Mykonos windmills. Since it is near the harbor, try to take a ride on one of the boats and view the island from the sea. Do not forget to take a walk along the road, with a unique view. There are also many stores and cafes that people could stop by. And the most important thing is to take photos in several spots. Starting from the harbor, the white building, up to the white windmills. It is all an Instagrammble place!

2. Hangout Through Matogianni Street

Another thing about what to do in Mykonos during the summer is to hang out at Matogianni Street. There are plenty of restaurants that people could have delicious meals and also hang out together. The street is also equipped with little alleys that are perfect to hang around. Moreover, there are many shops of souvenirs, boutiques, and others that would definitely make visitors stop and shop.

3. Have a Sunset Meal on Alefkandra, the Little Venice

A little Venice in Mykonos? Why not? Because there is Alefkandra, an area where restaurants open right next to the sea, just like in Venice. But with using real water sea. The restaurants are mostly in white paints with dark marble paving stones on the cement around. The best time to spend time here is at noon, during the sunset. People could have delicious meals, surrounded by beautiful architecture and scenery of sunset with the ocean.

4. Visit the Museums of Mykonos

While in Mykonos, the next thing on what to do in Mykonos is to visit the museums. The museums that people must visit are the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos and Delos Archaeological Museum. Despite the modest island, but Mykonos has also kept their antique items neatly in the museums. Besides the museum, there are also some art galleries that people could visit such as the Dio Horia.

5. Chilling Out on the Beaches

Visiting Greece without chilling out on the beaches is not complete. There are many beaches in Mykonos that people could visit, enjoy, and chill out. Starting from the Agios Sostis Beach, Elia Beach, Kalo Livadi Beach, and Kalafatis Beach. Not only that, people could visit the Armenistis Lighthouse as well.

Things On What To Do In Mykonos During Summer TimeMykonos is indeed a great place to spend the summer. Moreover, there are many things about what to do in Mykonos during the summer. Whether with friends, lovers or with some family members.